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Urgent help!


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Hi al,


I was just playing with the laptop installing SL-not expecting much- and as the installation completed I added "pc efi 10.1 pkg" and hit the "restart".

Surprisingly it booted into SL retail-yeah I installed couple of kexts like "fake smc, nullcpupower..." before restarted it.

I was so happy to have SL on the laptop-keyboard and sound didn't work, but then what do you expect?

As I was in a hurry for some reason I turned off the laptop and on my way out, decide to check if it'd boot up O.K.

When I press the power button, all I got was 'Acer logo and nothing more, I coul neither get boot loader nor bios.

There wasn't any indication of the hard drive being active.

I repeated this more than a dozen times, but all I was getting was the same.

Did SL kill the HD, or am I doing anything wrong?


Please help me! :D

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