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nForce Chipset driver

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My Asus Z53T runs now with 10.5.4 Zephyroth good, but I will test a install with 132 Boot and an Retail DVD.

So how I understand it, I must integrate the important drivers.

The most drivers für Audio, Lan and WLan can I install later.

But at the installation was needing Chipset Driver or is that false?

This driver I have at this moment with Zephyroth 10.5.2 (with AMD Update 10.5.4) installed.

Now, where at the installation can I find it or where I can download it?

I found this at /System/Library/Extensions/, but is it that what I search?!







Installed was with Zephyroth the nforce 2/3/4/5 Chipset driver.


Have you other Infos, they I can't read at any HowTo's?


Hope you help me. Thanks...

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