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Installing 10.5.6 in VMWare


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So I have 3 distros- XxX, iPC, and iDeneb, all 10.5.6. I'm using VMWare Workstation 6.5.1.

I've been following some guides, with no luck. (Using iDeneb)

They say to just install and it will work, no customizing. But when I do that, the VM will just restart, indicating a bad kernel. So I reinstall using VooDoo 9.5.0 and get a kernel panic right on boot.


So my questions are;

I have a AMD X3 Phenom II 720. What kind of kernel do I need to use for VMWare?

Do I need to install chipset support?

What about graphics? Do they work out-of-the-box?



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