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Help iATKOS v5.1i Drivers


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Hello guys, im new in this forum and this is the first time i attempt Mac on a PC... i did a sucessfull install with everything working at first but the video card (I can only get 1024x768 resolution instead of my max that is 1280x800) and with my sound (sound would ONLY come out of the internal laptop's speakers, if i connect any phones or external speakers it would still come out of the internal laptop speakers and still no sound will come out in the headphones/external speakers)


Okay first, my video card is ATI Radeon Xpress 200M.. and i found some kind of beta driver out there called "Openati 0.1" but i don't know how to install it.. it's a zip with some files.. look at it here:



What should i do with them? look for a pkg or copy them somewhere? or if you know any drivers i can use, PLEASE let me know ;)



Then My sound card, i don't remember which is it, but i know it is Realtek HD Audio Controller, dunno what model or something, if there's any tool to find out please tell me, anyway i will try any realtek driver i find and will let you know :)


Also i got another big problem there...


When i update Mac to 10.5.8... it won't read ANY type of USB or anything, just CD's/DVD's... how can i fix that? it Only happens if i update the mac software...

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