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All 10.5.6 installs unsuccessful


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Hi all, I've been messing around with my old PC trying to get Leopard back onto it...I've used XxX, and iPC before it worked perfect.

Now I'm doing the same stuff I've did before, and after installing OS X will boot, sometimes freeze, and when it doesn't freeze it goes to a gray screen with the courser and stays there.

Wonder why this is happening?


I did take the RAM from 768MB down to 512MB, to give my other hunk-of-junk some more power.

That's pretty much all I have done to it.

(I realize this is uber freaking old, but it works. I have a x50 better PC, but the graphics do not work on OS X)


Any opinions?


(Specs; Intel Celeron at 2.6GHz, IDE drives, 512MB DDR 400 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6200)

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