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Big Dual Boot Headache

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I have been trying to install 10.5.6 onto my GA-EP45-UD3P,

while the install is a success im pretty stuck when trying to dual boot with vista by installing chameleon. I have vista and OSX on seperate SATA HDs at the mo.


I have a few questions, some of them I cant find:


When you install chameleon, do you need a EFI supported HD before you install?

If I install PC EFIv9 it works fine but when I install Chameleon RC2 I get a kernel panic...

I take it I need to set the OSX Partition to Active?

When you dual boot (when you install chameleon) Do you make the OSX HD the primary one? How do I do this.


Please help,


Im getting so confused.



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Well, I have iAtkos v7 and XP in the same hard drive,with chameleon bootloader. Dual boot works pretty stable on it.But:


1-I use partition magic to create the partition where iAtkos resides. In the moment of creating it, I set up that partition as primary. Very importante step!

2-Depending on what distro are you using and your hardware, maybe the chameleon bootloader don´t work. In this case, you have to try all options, to find the right one.

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So when creating the partition I set it as primary? I have done this..


Im using retail 10.5.6 using weaksauces boot disc, which works perfectly, but im having issuesin post instillation.


Do you think chameleon isnt working because the osx partiton isnt set to active?


Also when I install chameleon, I get the kernel panic (you must restart computer error), but I get the normal mac boot logo, instead of chameleon boot options...

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