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Sigmatel Working, But Noise And Stuttering occurs


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First off, this is my first post, so hello all hackintoshers!

Ok so I have a Dell XPS 420 that I recently installed iatkos on. The sound works, but when I play audio it will work and then it will stutter and stutter so much that it almost sounds like noise. It will do this intermitantly and then go away and come back. But sometimes when playing video files it will get so bad that I can't understand speach in the video and then after that even simple audio files will be completely unlistenable. I have a sigmatel high definition integrated sound card. In terms of what it is specifically I can only determine from the divice manager and the dell driver that it is for the 92xx series of c-major hd audio. I have tried just installing with just the voodoohda, as well as the voodoohda and the azalea and the apple hda checked. Please help me I really want this to work. If I can't get it to work I may have to abandon my hackintosh as music is a huge part of my life.




Oh and ps do you know of a way that i would be able to determine the specific model of audio divice i have?




I have determined that it is a sigmatel 9227 according to quite a few people on this forum. How they found out I don't know, but my problem is still persisting. Oh and I'm using iATKOS v7. Thank you again!

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