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OSX86 Installation Guide for Dell Inspiron 1720 - Near Perfect

Heaven Divine

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Dell Inspiron 1720


Ok, its took me ages to collect the relevant kexts etc for my Dell Inspiron 1720. I though i would make a post with all of them attached. Install your OSX86 first obviously. I have it working near perfect. See the files at the botton of the post.



Audio: Sigmatel 9502


To get stereo sound, line in, line out, auto switching and internal mic working download this zip.


Sigmatel 9205 Audio + Mic.zip


After unzipping you will see two folders, "Sound" and "Mic". First open "Sound". Simply drag Stac9205.txt file into AppleHDA Patcher v1.20. Here you'll meet some message in the box said that it was done. Put AppleHDA.kext file in System/Library/Extensions. It will ask you to authenticate with your user password, and overwrite the file. Its okay, just follow it and reboot the computer.


You should then notice you have sound. Next navigate to the files we unziped and open the Mic folder. Here you will find another AppleHDA.kext. Install this kext with your kext installer or overwrite the one in System/Library/Extensions and then reboot.



Ethernet: Broadcom 440x Ethernet Adapter


Usually this would work out of the box, however, if not Install this kext:




Reboot and it should work.



Keyboard and Mouse: Built in


To get the keyboard and mouse working with side scroll download "1720 bulit in Keyboard and Mouse.zip" and unzip.


1) Open terminal and run the following:


sudo -s

cd /Volumes/YOUR-HDD/System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext/Contents/PlugIns/

rm -Rf AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext

cd /Volumes/YOUR-HDD/System/Library/Extensions

rm -Rf ApplePS2Controller.kext

rm -Rf ApplePS2Controller.kext.orig


2) open OSX86Tools


3) Select Repair Permissions / Set Extensions permissions / Clear Extensions Cache and click "Run Selected Tasks"


4) Click "Install Kexts" install "VoodooPS2Controller.kext" from the unzipped file to your HDD


5) Reboot with "-f" (without the quotes)


If you are british and want the british keyboard layout download Microsoft Keyboard Layouts.dmg.zip.


Unzip and install the kext. After a reboot go to the system preferences and go to international, then select the tab "input menu" and then check the box against "british - microsoft". you may have to enable the menu bar icon and then enable it from the menu bar icon.


Wireless: Intel intel pro/wireless 3495 abg


Intel intel pro/wireless 3495abg doesn't work for me. there are currently no drivers. i strongly suggest buying a Dell wireless 1390 mini PCI express card for your laptop as it will work with OS X out of the box.



Bluetooth: Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Moduel


From what i have read this should work out of the box but for me it is not. If someone could help me with this i would be greatful as i cannot find any kexts to make it work for me. the blue tooth icon on the menu bar is thre but has a little x on it. if i turn the bluetooth off with the switch on my laptop it turns into a wiggle dash through it.


I did however install this DellBluetoothHCI.kext and afer a reboot it worked perfectly but then after another reboot it will not work again. Please help!!






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