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why did it only work once


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ok so here is what happened i downloaded and burned IPC 10.5.6 and i went to install it and everything went fine but i got an endless restart loop so i did some searching and found out that i chose the wrong settings for my processor so i tried to install it again and i got this error (Click on the link to see my error) My Error so then i started it up again and i got com.apple.boot.plist not found so then i started it up a third time but this time i pressed -v amd i got still watering for root device i have tried everything i can think of please if anyone has an answer for me even if it doesn't fix my problem


my hardware is as fallowed


Motherboard - gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P

processor AMD Phenom II

Wireless - D-Link WDA 2320

Video Card - Radeon HD 3650


Sata 750gb hard drive

IDE DVD burner

IDE CD burner


if there is anything else you wanna know just ask

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Waiting for root device can be caused by many problems.


Try this

When you see the Darwin Bootloader, press F8

Then highlight the OSX partition or drive with the up-down arrows.(you do not need to do this if there is one drive/partition).


Then at the boot: prompt, type "rd=diskXsY -v"

without the quotes and replace X with the disk number and Y with partition number.


You can find the X and Y values in the list after pressing F8 above.

It will be shown as something similar to




For the above image you will be typing "rd=disk0s2 -v" without the quotes and press the Enter key.

You should now move one step closer to a hackintosh.

Tellme what happens next.

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