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[GUIDE] Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD Install (X58-UD5)


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Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD Install


First off, I'm really new to the Hackintosh scene! This is a my first real post. But after three straight week of working on my new box, I've finally got all hardware working 100%. So this is my thanks to all the awesome people out there and the hope that other will not have to suffer the headaches I went through.


This guide is based HEAVILY off of Digital Dreamer's guide as well as instructions from Prasys's Blog entry on how to install Snow Leopard.


Items Needed

  1. A working copy of Leopard (the minialist functionality is needed) (I used Kalway 10.5.2 on an external USB drive)
  2. Digital Dreamer's X58_Mobo_Patch_Installer 4.0 RC1
  3. A copy of Snow Leopard Retail DVD (Buy it! It's worth it and only $29)
  4. An 8 GB Flash drive or extra harddrive (External or Internal)
  5. USB Image for X58-UD5

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