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NEED HELP ! SL booting so slow: almost 3 mintues


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I currently can running SL on my PC, with which is perfect except the booting time.

it's up to THREE minutes before i can log in.


cpu: e7400

mobo: ga-p43-ds3l

video: nvidia 9600GT 1G ram (efi strings)


hard disk: st500G(guid SL)+wd 500G(MBR windows 7)


boot: chameleon RC1+pc efi v10.1

EXREA folder: platfore uuid.kext; nullCPUpowermangerment.kext; openhaltrestart.kext; fakemsc.kext; sleepenable.kext applesmbioresover.kext

i also put the SMbios.plist and DSDT.aml in the root of SL


any one know can give some Suggestion on how make it boot faster? thanks a lot

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when using FakeSMC.kext you do not need sleepenabler and openhaltstart ... you need smbios.plist in /Extra folder ... edit this file and change the last 12 digits of UUID ... use your MacAddress (without ":") for that and also in SMUUID from Platform.kext/content/info.plist ...


delete biosresolver ...


check smbios.plist if your data are correct ... MEM, CPU etc. ...

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