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Few issues after Snow Leopard install

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I've got Snow Leopard up and running, but I still have two small issues:


- The sound is not working:


On Leopard I used the ACL-262 package, which is a patched AppleHDA.kext from iPC 10.5.6. Of course this doesn't work on Snow Leopard (it Kernel Panics).


Any solution to suggest, the cleanest one, the better.


- The second issue, is not as big, and happens randomly. Sometimes, when I boot, the Kernel doesn't find the root device and wait indefinitely for it (printing a message saying "Still waiting for root").


I'm booting using the partition UUID. Also the disk partition table is using the MBR format, not the GUID format (I didn't want to reformat my drive). Any idea why this happens?

Also, I'm using the netkas' IntelPIIXATA.kext as the original vanilla kext kernel panics.


Thanks in advance to all who can help


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