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Blus Screen after installer reboot (ATi/AMD)


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1st off I have performed searches, cant see what Im looking for,

I have installed Iatkos V7 successfully but when I reboot it shows the Apple logo on a grey background, then a blue screen, no cursor, I have left it like this for 10 minutes or more and still nothing, BIOS set up as closely as I could with AHCI, I have no issues booting.



Asus M4A78pro (AMD chipset, I did install the module for this)

AMD X2 5000+ (VooDoo 10.5.7 module) (2.6GHZ)

2 gig of DDR2


1 ATi HD3200 connected to a 22" via VGA (on board with 256 meg VRAM dedicated to it

1 ATi HD3400 connected to a 22" via VGA (PCIE with 512 meg VRAM on board)

I have tried disabling both one, and the the other and it does the same on both monitors / graphics cards.


I have access to the Mac hdd via a Macdrive demo, so I can input files , edit files and kexts and get logs and what not. I also saved my install log.


Thanks for reading my longwinded post and I hope I can get this working.

Thanks very much, Mark

Oh, does OSX log boots with -x and or -v? If so , where are they saved?

Cheerio, Mark

It appears that I have posted this in the wrong place, can an admin put it where it should be please?

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