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Snow Leopard on Toshiba M115-S3094 ?


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Hi All:


I have an old Toshiba laptop, model M115-S3094 with an extra hard drive (80Gb) that I successfully got Leopard to run on a while back. It was not perfect but worked mostly well enough for the occasional need I have for an OSX machine (I just need to check how stuff works on Mac once in a while, technical reasons, etc and I dont really have enough of a need for a Mac to spend 1K+ on a real one, nice though it would be to have around).


Anyway... I'm curious if I'd be able to get the newest kitty 10.6 running on it? How much struggle would that involve? My 10.5 setup was done with iAtkos (I think, or may have been Kalyway) and I understand that the OSX86 scene has moved more towards doing vanilla installs with the REAL APPLE DISK these days, more-so than with these hacked-type distros.


Has anyone here already done this with my model laptop? Advice on how to proceed in the easiest way possible would be much appreciated (be kind, I'm a noob).


Tks. :thumbsup_anim:

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