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GA-EP45-DS3R Installation

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Try as I might, I have had nothing but kernel panics trying to install SL on my GA-EP45-DS3R based system. I followed the instructions on the various Gigabyte threads, but no luck. Unfortunately, the Chameleon installer also buggered my 10.5.8 install when I mistakenly installed it on that drive. Has anyone had any success with this board yet?


For what it's worth, I got as far as running the SL installer at some point. I could run all the utilities that come with it. I even had a network connection. However, invariably, I would get a KP after some significant disk activity on the install volume, about 1 or 2 min. into the install.


I have tried all I could think of: dsdt from my 10.5.8, graphics string from my 10.5.8 in c.a.Boot.plist, kernel flags, different combinations of kext's, EFI based, /Extra-based... you name it. No success whatsoever.


My box is as follows: GA-EP45-DS3R, f9 BIOS (10.5.x config), Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz, Nvidia 9800GTX 512MB.


Any helpful hints much appreciated!!


Got it to work, check my signature for the relevant link! ;)

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