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Activity Monitor core detection

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Hello All,


I need a little assistance. This is my 3rd official Hackintosh, but i'm stumped on something here. This new Hack has a total of 8 cores, which is properly detected in System Profiler, as you can see in the screenshot. However, Activity Monitor shows only 1 core active.




My question is, which one is right? Is only 1 core active, even though System Profiler and my DSDT detect all 8 cores? I remember that on my Q8200 based Hackintosh, after I patched the DSDT file, all 4 cores were tracked in Activity Monitor. Help! :)

ok, looks like I answered my own question...opened CPU Monitor and it shows all 8 cores. i'm now guessing that Activity Monitor is choosing to only show the average usage of the 8 cores.





one thing that amazes me is that with this new Xeon Harpertown setup, I did not have to patch the DSDT to get all eight cores detected properly and working. maybe because the chipset is very close to what Apple uses anyway? with the Q8200 setup, I had to use cpus=1 and DSDT patching to avoid kernel panic and get all cores detected and working properly.

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