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Successful Install But....

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Hi Everybody,


I am having a bit of trouble with snow leopard, But first i must thank everybody on this forum for helping me successfully run 10.5.x for about a year now, the information in this forum is so great that so far i have not needed to ask for help yet.


As i said i have been running 10.5.8 for some time and used the method described on http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/how-to-...-pc-hackintosh/ to successfully install snow leopard on an old 40GB IDE hard drive. It boots and runs well and after downgrading to chameleon 1 from 2 i don't get any kp's.


The problem is that i would like to be running SL on something larger and faster than my old 40GB drive, I have been using a 1.5TB seagate drive to run leopard so i have backed it up and tried to move my current working install of SL to it.


First i tried to use carbon copy cloner to move all the file over then tried to install a bootloader on it but when booting it gives me 'boot0: error'.


Secondly i tried to install SL on the drive from within my existing SL install but unfortunately i get the same error.


Lastly i tried booting from my trusty ubuntu live CD and used dd to try and clone the drive using the dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb command but then i do not even get the boot0: error it just sits there asking me for a system disk.


I do not know if it is useful but here are my system specs:

Foxconn 945P7AD Motherboard

2.0Ghz pentium dual core CPU

4GB DDR2 Ram

Nvidia 8600GT 1024MB Graphics Card

1.5TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive

2x IDE DVD - RW Drives


I Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.



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I'm no expert at this, but did you remember to mark the drive as active? I know it seems like one of those no brainers, but..well, it happens.


I did think that may be the problem after the first two attempts but unfortunately not. I thought using the dd command it should do a byte for byte copy of the drive and keep the partition table intact.

I am also no expert in this stuff and i'm beginning to think getting SL working the first time was just luck and i will never be able to replicate it.



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Resolved. I used dd from a kalyway leopard install dvd instead of the Linux live disc and it booted. Now running SL on my pain drive perfectly.

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