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iDeneb v1.4 is extremely slow...


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I've just installed iDeneb 1.4. After all bug who was possible, boot0:MBR, freeze, no-keyboard, etc, iDeneb IS INSTALLED !


My config :


Packard Bell R1934

Intel Celeron M 350 1,3 Ghz

Chipset VIA


Ralink WiFi

Video S3Tray Plus

512 Mo RAM


I'v installed this patches :

Kernel Voodoom 9.5.0

Sealtbelt Fix


Chipset VIA + a Patch who is just after the Via Patch. If I don't active it, my Keyboard isn't recognized.

Ralink (all)

No Video Patch.


So, with this config, it's VERY slow (slower than my eMac G2 with Panther)


I've seen a video on youtube where we see an Netbook with 2Go Ram and Celeron M 900 Ghz. His speed is normal.


So, please, help me. I'm an iPhone Developer and I can't buy some new Macbook.




PS : I'm french and my english is very bad... lol


No video patch

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