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OS X 10.5.8 Freezes After 1-2 mins.

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I finished my install of OS X 10.5.7 and everything seemed OK except for shutdown, and wierd failures associated with my SATA DVD drives.


Just prior to the update I installed an enabler for my graphics and displays. Nvidia 7800GTX and 1700 Quadro.


Still looked good.


I updated to 10.5.8 and it fixed the shutdown issues and the DVD issues (wierd right?). By the way the sound still works.


Now after booting and OS startup, everything looks good, but then it freezes.



I7 940

6gb 1600 corsair dominator

quadro fl 1700- Monitor 1

geforce 7800gtx- Monitor 2

1 tb seagate OS vista 64

150 gb velociraptor OC Win7 64

150 gb velociraptor OSX 10.5.8

1.5tb seagate

antec 650


I'm at a dead loss to figure this out, I've done searches here and really haven't found anything useful.


The machine is overclocked to 3.5 (from stock 2.8) and the freeze looks similar to a vista or w7 overclock error. The Mac OS shows the memory running at 1600.


I don't know where to start. Thanks.


The OSX install used ihavearedcouch guide, and I to have admit, I ended up wingin' it when things went amok. I was able, in the end to complete every step including the Digital Dreamer steps.

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I reset the MOBO to default to clear out the overclock settings and it fixed the problem, which allowed me to observe the performance of the operating system.


I downloaded aperture and start manipulating some photos and I discovered a huge decrease in performance in handling large RAW files. I assume that it is as a result of the wonky drivers used for the video cards.


Is this normal?

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