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Hp Pavilion dv7-1232nr AMD SUCCESS!


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Okay, I have been searching on here for the past week and have not seen a thread of a dv7 [AMD] install so I tried most of the OSx86 custom installations and found one that works the best. Also this is dual booting with Vista 64 Bit [each on their own dedicated HD]


Versions installed:

Kalway 10.5.2

Ideneb v.1.4

Ideneb v.1.5 10.5.7

IAtkos v7

iPC 10.5.6

JaS 10.4.8


Of all these installs the one that work the best, directly after install was IAtkos v7.


Here's what I did to make it install on my laptop.


Note: I installed this version both externally [sata] and internally [this laptop has two (2) sata HD bays]


Download iAtkos v7 from any torrent website [i used M.N.]


Once downloaded use winrar, winzip, ETC to extract iso file [i used winrar]


Once un-zipped/rared you must use an iso burning program to burn the file to a blank dvd [i used ImgBurn (its free, google it) and a blank memorex DVD-r]


Right-click the unrared/unziped iso and select "burn using ImgBurn" [or something similar]


Allow the DVD to burn


After the disk is done burning reboot your computer.


During reboot the "HP" logo apears on the screen. When this happens press the "ESC" key


Enter the Bios settings "F10" and find the sections that reffers to the "boot order" [or something similar]


Make sure to move up ["f6" key] the boot from CD/DVD option to the first position. If installing on an external USB device, be sure to move "boot from external USB device" to the second position. Exit the Bios setting making sure to SAVE YOUR CHANGES


The computer will restart. The dvd should still be in the DVD drive.


Once restarted the DVD should boot into the iAtkos install screen. [mine took awhile]


A blue screen should appear with a silver dialogue box that says something to the effect "click the arrow/box to continue" CLICK IT


A new screen will appear


On the upper middle of the screen will be the "Utilities" tab. Click it and select "Disk Utility"


Your hard drives should show-up on the left of the dialogue box that appears on the screen [Note: this was the only version that would recognize my sata hard drives while they were internally installed]


IMPORTANT: like I said earlier, I installed this on a dedicated HD so I did not have to mess around with the Vista HD. I do not know how to install both OS's on the same drive.


Click on the HD that you wish to partition and then find the "partition" tab to the right. Click it


under that "partition" tab there will be options to specify the size, type, & name of the partition. [i named the HD "OSX" Partitioned is using "Mac Extended journaled" [something similar] and THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART there will be an "options" tab on the bottom left of the dialogue box. Click it and make sure to select the GUID (sp) type of partition.


Partition the HD


When thats done close the disk utility and you can now begin to install OSX.


I don't remember exactly but you will click the "next" button, then the disclaimer will pop-up. accept it. Then it will ask you the location to install OSX, choose your newly partitioned HD.


Before actually beginning the installation a "customize" tab will appear, click it.




There is a "drivers" option click it.


Under the "display/appearance" tab you must choose the "ATI Radeon HD" box


also choose the "mouse laptop track pad" box [the name I typed is not the exact name but you will know it when you see it]


I also used the chameleon V2 boot loader & the laptop battery box. click "done"


and then install!


Thats it!!! you should be done. The software should install and then it will reboot.


IMPORTANT: After the reboot you will have to hit the "ESC" button when the Hp logo appears to switch the boot options to make the HD boot before the DVD drive. [The step mentioned above] so that OSX boots from the HD, and the install dvd doesnt boot again.


After the registration process OSX will start and thats it.


Things that work right out of the box



USB ports

dvd drive

Card reader

volume buttons


Things im working on


audio [this might actually work. I havent checked it yet]

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I have fixed/found the correct audio IDT Kext if your device id is 111d76b2. I have attached it to this post. It even works after sleep!


IMPORTANT. make sure that you have NO OTHER AUDIO KEXT FILES LOADED IN THE EXTENSIONS FOLDER! when you install the kext file above.

Also I have the ethernet working. its the realtekR1000.kext










I think thats about everything Hope this helps someone!


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I tried to install this on my dv7-1275eo, but only to get stuck at:



iatkosv7 install failed the installer could not validate the contents of the '10.5.7.Intel' 30% into the install..


any ideas?

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Hey um been following your thread for like a few weeks now... anyways I successfully installed Mac OSX Leopard using iAtkos after weeks of getting "10.5.7 Intel Package could not be validated" or whatever it says...


FIX: By the time it goes to 30% open up Installer Log (if your opened it earler then um it's open) and go press Save... then it should continue installation.


Anyways I got everything working except.... Wireless, Audio (you have a fix I'll try it later), and the graphics card....


We have almost the same specs or I think we have the same specs actually.... I have a dv7-1245dx with AMD Turion X2 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, HD 3200 GPU, 17" screen, etc.


With the graphics card... um I can't get video acceleration to work and the resolution isn't right? that's the biggest problem for me...


Next is Wireless how'd you get it working


You said pretty much everything is working for you... how? Can you post some kext drivers please I really need them

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I've got a HP DV7 2110SA with the same specs: 2.2 turion x2 64bit, 4gb memory however an ATI Radeon 4530 512mb.


I find that the iPC 10.5.6 disc works well, however after the install you have to configure the audio, display etc. It will install fine on a basic install with only the system and the 9.5.0 voodoo kernel.


I havent been able to test the audio kext yet however I'm patching my own video atiradeonx2000.kext with the correct device ID and vendor ID's for my graphics chip so i can run it at the native resolution of 1600x900 rather than the 1024x768 limit.


I dont know if this will allow you to enable quartz, however I've force enabled it as it is using osx86tools.


Hope this has been of help :)

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Just a quick update, I've got sound working, however it is very dodgy. It will only come out of the laptop speakers and not the jacks if you plug speakers/headphones in. Also you cannot adjust the volume, its set on full and you cannot lower it or mute it for some reason. Plus it does crackle alot, especially when using garageband and when you first set up after the install (as with iatkos there is background music when entering your details).


Other than that it does work, listening to music in itunes isnt so bad and watching videos arent too bad either.



When installing iAtkos v7 keep the VoodooHDA box checked, this will get your audio working :P

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salve a tutti io ho un hp ( in firma ) simile al vostro .... ho cercato di installare come detto da voi ma mi blocco sempre ( dopo l'installazione ) alla schermata grigia con la mela, avete idea di quale sia il problema? selezionate qualche kernel ?? aiutatemi per favore

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