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Any hopes for an Asrock 4Core1600Twins-P35?


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Hey, I'm kinda new to OSx86. I've currently had iPC 10.5.6 running on my computer for a while and decided to give Snow Leopard a try. Has anyone came across for my motherboard as mentioned on the topic title, AsRock 4Core1600Twins-P35?


I currently don't use the Boot-132 method that seems to be quite the trend while I was looking at other guides but if you got a guide on how to use the method with explanations then feel free. That'd be appreciated.



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I tried to install Snow Leopard on my ASrock now. Everything look s good so far,

but I'm only able to boot with the boot CD used for instastallation. I tried to use

Cameleon, but it seems not to work. After some time with the normal white bootscreen

it switches to a black one, than nothing more happens.


Does anybody have this board running with Snow Leopard ?


I run this Boad with 4GB / NVidia 8500 / 500 GB Sata HF





Ah, thanks for the heads-up.


Well, the chances of you finding a successful method is more likely than I would.

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