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Network card replacement (help needed)

CL Corwin Legendre

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I'll have to go about replacing the wifi card, and was looking at those dell 1490's - and one of those, majorly affordable and available - will I have to change anything (from anyone's experience if they have the model I have) on an hp pavilion dv6928us... to make this chip run?


I don't want to be fighting with it too much or taking any bad risk of destroying it, definitely, because I need the machine, but I need OSX as Windows doesn't cut fit for what I do anymore.


If anyone knows the best way to make a dv6928 accept a 1490, please, let me know....OR if someone can tell me an out-of-box error free wireless card that'll work on Leopard.. that will just slip in and work with little maintenance on the DV6, please do tell.


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