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VMWare Fusion 2.05 Issue

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Hi. I've been using iAtkos 7 and everything has been working perfectly until I decided to install VMWare Fusion 2.05 on my AMD based build. The application installs perfectly but, when I try to run or create a virtual machine, I get a kernel panic about a driver called com.vmware.kext.vmx86. I'm at work currently so, I'll try to post a picture of the exact kernel panic when I come home. VirtualBox works but the DirectX support is still experimental and I need a stable product.


Build Information:


Bootloader: Chameleon 2

Kernel: Voodoo 9.70

Additional Drivers: nForce SATA/IDE, Generic IDE, ATI HD, Disabler, OHR, Realtek R1000 Wired, Ralink R2870


Have to boot with "idlehalt=0 maxmem=4096" (In verbose mode to track any possible errors)


Motherboard: M3N78-PRO

CPU: AMD Ahtlon X2 64 6000+ 3.1 GHZ Edition

GPU: HD 4870 512 MB

HDD: Seagate ES.2 320 GB SATA (Have to set my SATA Mode to AHCI in the BIOS)

Memory: Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 PC2-6400 800 MHZ 2 GB x 4 (8 GB Total)

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