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Adeel  Chohan

How to install MAC OS X 10.4 on iMac G3 400 MHz torrent

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I just got an iMac G3 with 512mb ram and 400 MHz processor with MAC OS X 10.2. I have downloaded Mac OS X 10.4 CD version by a torrent.

The problem is that the MAC is not letting me install OS X 10.4 (burnt cd)

I have tried two ways to boot.


I inserted my cd in the CD-ROM and restarted the computer and I kept hold the "c" letter but what the MAC did was that it ejected the CD and I was just booting into the 10.2 OS.


I launched the from the Finder and open the install MAC OS X program, it told me that I need to restart the computer, but the same thing happned after restarting.

I have MAC OS's 10.2 CD (original) and if I insert it, i can see it in the Startup Disk, but if I insert my burnt CD (10.4), I cannot see it over there.

I have used Toast 8 to burn the DMG file and I also used poweriso in Windows to burn it, but I have the same problem


Any ideas? Help? Suggestions? Tricks?



Adeel Chohan

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