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Retail 10.5.6 on HP Mini 5101?

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I'm trying to install Leopard 10.5.6 onto the HP Mini 5101. Has anybody tried this out yet? If so what drivers/kext/setup is best recommended, plus kexts to use for the Boot 132 iso?

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this seems to be the closest anyone has got so far:



see if it helps out!


HP mini 5101


iPC 10.5.6 restore on 8gb usb flashdrive

(Boot132 1gb usb drive)

basic installation (really quick)


ran Netbookinstaller 0.8.3 all except bluetooth fix, because it was working

repaired permissions/restarted

still no video, so i used kext helper to put:







as for sound just install Azalia.pkg off the iPc dvd installation packages, i could've done it in the

initial Custom installation, but i wanted to make sure...


and now i have a nice working machine, except for wireless and ethernet...


on the wifi side, how about installing a mini pcie other than broadcom, like an Atheros, even if its not half size...

have anyone tried making it fit?


thanks, Cheers!

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I am answering my own question now lol


This was the closest I got to installing it... :)




Along with iBoot132 on Leopard, I remember using Voodoo HDA to install the audio driver. The audio chip is a AD1984A and native to OSX so theoretically (I read) it should be recognised by AppleHDA without any changes.


As for the network driver, it is a Marvell Yukon 88E8702, the kext which can be downloaded here>



As for the Broadcom wifi and bluetooth, that's still to be determined, but we can say for sure it is a BCM9207MCD / 4322AGN (in the official guide), though I have yet to test it you can add the Bluetooth switch changes according to this guide here>


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