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Rich Text editor: "You must enter a post"

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I typically use Firefox to browse the forum, but I only have IE7 on the school computers (I know, hurk-bleugh). I wrote a short reply to a post and hit Submit, and it coughed back "You must enter a post" at me, which is quite an enraging message when I did just enter a post and it evidently just swallowed it.


Sure enough, I click Back and I see that it swallowed my post. I enter a few words and hit submit, and it says the same thing, but I caught a glimpse of "Error on page" before it moved on to the error page. The error said something like "object does not support this property or method" but I couldn't select the text, so I couldn't copy it exactly.


I disabled the rich text editor, and it seems to at least allow me to post now (I hate that editor anyway).


I can probably reproduce the bug by just switching the rich text editor back on. But I don't want to go through the trouble if this is a known issue or something...

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