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Manual Way to Uninstall InputRemapperFilter?

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Ok, so I missed uninstalling InputRemapper before I installed Windows 7 RC.


Now I can't uninstall it. I can't sucessfully remove it. And it crashes Windows.


I have put an enormous amount of time into trying to repair the computer, manually uninstall, fix the registry, install new drivers, learn devcon, start and stop services, etc. You may think that I should just reinstall but unfortunately I have some very expensive software that must be de-authorized so I really need to get the OS working one last time before I reformat the OS.


Any advice?

My latest thinking is to try a registry cleaner, maybe one that is smart enough to return the mouse and keyboard drivers to something functional after inputremapperfilter is removed and the machine is restarted in repair mode. The problem is that in general registry cleaners are not smart enough to realize that they are in repair mode and they clean the repair mode registry instead of letting the user clean the broken windows directory. Anyone have experience with this?

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