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OSX on VMware..


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Okay, in an attempt to outgeek the other geeks I know, I've so far installed OSX on two x86 machines, and helped over irc for another.


However, I want to go beyond this. I want to run OSX86 on my Powermac G5. My initial idea was to boot VPC off the deadmoo .img, but there seems to be no way to convert .img to a VPC drive. Instead, I have Win2000 running on VPC, and I installed VMware.


Problem, the deadmoo VMware edition, I import it onto my Win2000 virtual drive, and dump it in a folder. But, when I launch VMware, and try to use it to boot the OSX VMware machine, it complains that "The disk supplied is not an actual VMware disk", or something along those lines. Also, I've noticed it doesn't seem to actually point at the .img anywhere.


I'm perfectly willing to believe that my problem is that I just don't know how to use VMware, and am missing something obvious. Anyone got any ideas?


Edit: Worked out some problems. My Win2000 is using FAT32, which is why VMware gives the errors, since it's sliced down to a 2GB file.


I'm now booting the virtual machine off a Ubuntu LiveCD, and seeing where I can go from there. Also, yes, I do know this won't work, I'm pretty certain it doesn't have SSE2, but if I can even get it frozen and crashed, I'll be happy :D

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