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stuck in osx after install

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hello i am pretty new to this and am having a bit of bother with the boot loader i had xp installed and partitioned the hdd into three one shared and one for leopard and one with my original xp i then installed leopard onto the partitioned created for it succesfully but when i restart my computer i get the usual boot screen then the 8 second countdown when i leave it it succesfully boots into the osx leopard but anything i tried i could not get into xp or into leopard without the DVD in the tray i have burned my self a old copy of gparted and booted the first partition on the first hdd and i succesfully boot into xp YAY!! but if i take the disc out it wont boot nothing.


Please help me sorry if this is a noob question but i have been stuck with this for about 3 days now any help will be much appreciated thanks.

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