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Azalia ALC883 6CH HD


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Hi All, First Post, I have been trauling through this forum for about 3 days now trying every single possible kext for this Audio Device (Azalia ALC883 6CH HD)


The strange thing is I had it working on LawlessPPC Distro once (after installing one of the kexts) Then upon a reboot/shutdown the next day, it wasn't working again... Sometimes I would see:-


Intel High Definition Audio:


Device ID: 0x10438230

Audio ID: 12

Available Devices:


In the System Profiler then sometimes I would see 'No audio device'... So far I have tried about 20/30 Re-installs with different drivers selected of LawlessPPC 10.5.2, iPC 10.5.6 and now I'm currently on xXx os X 10.5.6 still with no joy... At the moment The System Profiler is showing the above info (Device ID: 0x10438230...) and I do have a volume bit at the top right of the Screen and the System Preferences/Audio Midi Setup part shows 'Soundflower 2CH' and no matter how much I play with the 2/16 channels and all the 6 ports on the back of the Mobo, I just cant get audio out of these speakers (That are turned on and have appropriate db's from volume controlage knob... (lol))


My Hackint0sh Spec is as follows (Currently)


AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition - Quad Core running at 2.3GHz

Asus M2N-VM HDMI Mobo (nForce 630a Chipset)


GeForce 7600GT 256MB GFX Card

2x 80GB Sata HD (One with Vista, One with OS/X)

Samsung DVD Rom (Kreon Firmware)


Everything else is running spot on...


Any help would be much appriciated, I am nearly at the stage where I WILL buy a new PCI Sound Card and do with it that way but what really frustrates me the most is that I have had it working, so why not now... Obviously, If I boot back into Vista all is working fine so theres no Hardware Issue, just cant quite get the right signals over...)


Cheers, Adz.

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I have installed the aziliaaudio package and the alc883.kext file


and it tells me in the sound preferences that my intel hd audio device is installed but i still do not have sound


how do i get the sound out of my speakers

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