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Cant get Chain0 to work anymore


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I had Leo4all installed for months without a hitch. I have 2 IDE harddrives. HD1 is my primary and is for XP (2 partitions, OS and Data). The 2nd HD holds Leo4All.


I decided to try out ideneb 1.4 but had nothing but problems with it. So I reinstalled Leo4all and while I have it working great, Chain0 no longer works. It worked excellently before so I dont know why the change. I installed Leo4All like I did before. I wiped the 2nd HD in Disk Util, created a single Mac Extended Journaled partition with GUID.


Whenever I try to boot from Chain0 using my XP bootloader (boot.ini is filled out correctly btw), I get the "Chain0 Failed Boot" error.


Attached is a picture of what appears. Now there are 2 entries for some reason, where there should only be 1. Dont know why this is. I've reinstalled Leo4All probly 4 or 5 times trying to figure this out but nothing works. I can only get to Leo4All by selecting the 2nd HD in my BIOS bootloader.


Again, I didnt change any hardware or HDs. I just reinstalled Leo4All and now I cannot use Chain0 no longer. Any ideas? I looked at that wiki on Chain0 but its extremely confusing and no help at all. I've searched throughout the forums but Im not finding what I need.


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