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working guide for vista and osx dual boot?

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I'm looking for a guide to dualboot between vista and osx


i currently have vista installed, i want to run osx on my 2nd partition and have it dual booting.


can anyone confirm a guide that works?




I installed my first OSX install last night and have this working. I didn't take notes, but here is what I did.


Copy Chameleon 2 RC1 pkg installer to a usb drive


Boot with 1-3-2

Swap disk to OSX Retail DVD

ESC -> 82 -- to boot from DVD

Open Up Disk Utility Before you Start Install

Create 3 Partitions

1) HSF+ for OSX

2) Unassigned for Linux

3) Unassigned for Linux Swap

4) MS-DOS for Vista


* It seems Vista on Partition 4 (or maybe last partition?) is the key from google searches and when I had vista as 2nd partition it did not work.


Then go through the install.


Once OSX finish installing then install Vista from the DVD.

During install Vista will complain about disk being GPT.

Go to the MS-DOS partition you created earlier.

Format it so it becomes NTFS.

Install Vista


Once Vista is done and booting correctly.

Reboot with Boot 1-3-2

ESC -> 80

Your OSX install should apprear.

Boot the OSX item

Once you're in OSX again.

Install Chameleon from USB drive.

Reboot without any Disk this time.

You should have the Chameleon Menu with the OSX and Vista items.


Both should work from the Chameleon Menu now.

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