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retail install on Intel D945GCLF2


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Hello, I am new to the hackintosh community and just received my parts today. I am running an Intel D945GCLF2 mobo with the Atom 330 and 2gb of ram. I came upon this article recently explaining step-by-step on how to install OSX from the retail cd.


I have obtained a copy of the retail CD in.cdr format and have burned it in windows using Imgburn and again using a mac (I temporarily installed iDeneb on this machine). I am confident that both cd's have burn correctly but whenever I put them in the drive after booting with the boot123 cd nothing happens it will just go back to the boot promt. Can anybody give me any pointers on what I may be doing incorrectly?


Also I did notice briefly that after booting with boot123 a message flashes on the screen before bringing me to the boot prompt saying

System Config file '/com.apple.boot.S/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found.


Any help would be appreciated

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