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x1650 Pro AGP 512MB (1002x71C1)


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I would greatly appreciate on how to install/ or where to get the "correct" driver for this model... here are my specs ...



Radeon X1650 AGP 512MB DDR2 128bit (1002-71C1)



P4 HT 2.8 ghz (MMX,SSE1,SSE2)

2 Gigs DDR

420 Gig HD





82801EB (ICH5)


OS used:

iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 OSx86


I installed the x1650 71c1 video drivers and AGPgart that came with the dvd and if I install these drivers it will stay stuck on a blue screen for hours. When i don't install , the installation goes smooth and I can boot into Mac OSX 10.5.6... but no support for my card...


How do I make it work!?!?!?

someone please give me the steps for this as all I need now is to fix this graphics card problem... and I'm done... I've been on it for days ;) reading here and there.. and to no avail...


any help would be SOOO MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!



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Hey there... i have the same issue here. Tried to install lots of different "drivers" and still nothing! I get the grey screen of death. So i just restart and rm the atix100 kext. Currently using Iatkos 10.5.5 osx.


Ati Radeon X1650 PCI-Express 512mb - Hardware ID: 71C1.



Anyone please!



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