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IP35-E worked once, broke with update, wont boot again


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So I'm trying to install on an IP35-E from an IDE DVD to a SATA 1tb drive, split into 2 partitions. I installed it once after figuring a few things out, and got it to boot up. However, i didnt have audio, or network ability. I messed up the 1.5.6 update and reinstalled. Then it wouldnt boot. I reinstalled a few times, trying a few things. when i realized how to start in verbose mode I saw it stopped at Login Window Started, or something like that (this was yesterday) Now im getting what I think is a kernel panic.


As far as I can tell I've done everything I can to get it to work according to the hardware compatibily list entry for my board.


Should I try erasing the partition from windows and then formatting it again instead of formatting it from the osx disc? Also, im using the iatkos 5i (i think its 5i, but its the 1.5.5version).


Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. In july im going to the Art Institute of Tampa and since i know they use mostly macs I wanted to learn about them before I started.

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