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First time.... Dell Dimension 8300


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So I have an extra PC laying around and I just got back from my brothers house and he uses only macs... So after playing with his computers for a lil I wanted to try it out on one of mine... The PC I will be installing it on is a Dell Dimension 8300, P4 HT 2.6ghz(assuming Northwood but unsure), 512mb ram(will be 1gb sooner than later), SB Audigy2, factory Ethernet intel 100, 128mb Nvidia FX 5200,and 100gb pata hd… I don’t know a lot about installing mac on a pc but played with it briefly on my netbook with iDeneb 1.4… Question is what options do I need to select under customize, if any… Also is it an option to install OSX directly from the retail version? If I install with iDeneb can I use auto updates from Apple? If there is a list of all this already or somewhere I should be looking that I am not can someone please link it?





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