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Dual boot lost


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I've successfully innstalled Leopard 10.5, on my dell XPS,

it was working in dual boot with WinXP,

then I installed ubuntu with the bootloader in the boot sector

now i can only access linux/windows from lilo bootloader,

please help ;) ,

I don't want to reinstall leopard because i've resolved all hardware problems


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Your bootloader has been overwritten. I would suggest using a boot-132 cd to get yourself

back into OS-X and installing Chameleon (my preferred top level bootloader)...


My preferred layout is this...


Top lvl Chameleon bootloader:

-MacOS from here

-Linux boots via Grub (Grub on the PARTITION, not MBR)

-Windows from here


Briefly how to maintain this setup...

You should install your grub to your linux partition.

*Install grub to (hd0,y) where y is your linux partition (in grub numbers). Don't install to (hd0) (MBR).


You will need to repair your bootloader occasionally (like after any (re)install of windows):

1) boot-132 to get into your OS X install

2) ./fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk0

*boot0 comes from the Chameleon distribution

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