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com.apple.Boot.plist problem - with a twist!


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Hi guys,


i've been using kalyway 10.5.2 for about a year now, no probpems, even updated to 10.5.5. However, after trying to get my ati x1950pro working qith 10.5.5. (no prblem with the previous versions) I installed various kexts.... blah blah.


Long and short of it is I {censored}ed up my install, I editied my com.apple.Boot.plist in windows using macdrive, and added some graphic strings but on boot it starts saying my com.apple.Boot.plist cant be found. So i went back into windows and deleted the changes using macdrive. Still cant find it. Try to go back into windows but now macdrive wont work. says disk is unreadable. Anyway, I copied the boot.plist onto my thumbdrive.


So i go the terminal route...


I booted from the DVD and through terminal and copied the boot.plist from my thumbdrive to my osx install- /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration.


Copy succesful, shows it's there (ls), sitting nicely waiting to be called upon when i boot.


But alas, After copying it sucessfully, and esuring its there, i still get the cannot find error. So i try copying the com.apple.Boot.plist from the osx DVD. Again, it copies, and says its there. but on boot it still cant find it.


Booting form the DVD again and using terminal, I again check that com.apple.Boot.plist is where i copied it to - by navigating to Volumes/<myosxinstall>/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration...AND ITS GONE!!! For some reason its getting deleted on reboot or is not copying properly, alhough its saying it is!


In terminal I am using the /mount -o -u rw / command to set my osxinstall as read/write.


Is there a command im missing or something? Is it a permissions thing? It seems to copy fine, but just not there when i reboot!!!


So basically, i need to copy apple.com.boot.plist to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. Ive got a version on my thumbdrive, and the original on the osx DVD. I can't do it with macdrive, and when doing it with terminal it says its copied, but on reboot its not there.


I have a SATA drive so i dont think its the JMICRON IDE problem that people have trouble with. If only my macdrive would work and i could just copy it using windows.


Any help guys?


Cheers, Loz

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