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Native Keyboard/Touchpad Fix for Dell Inspiron Laptops

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Hello all, after much headache and googling to get my keyboard and synaptics touchpad to work, I have finally found a solution. I post it here in hopes that others with similar issues and hardware may find help.


This solution has been tested on a Dell Inspiron E1505 (intel mobo and chipset) laptop running iPC v 10.5.6, and will most likely work with other osx86 distributions as well.


Again, this fixes common errors with the native keyboard and Synaptics touchpad not working at all after install. This DOES NOT fix the scrolling issue with the synaptics touchpad (total bummer, I know....). For the time being I'm using a usb mouse.....but at least I don't need an extra usb keyboard anymore :huh: The touchpad works fine if you don't mind not being able to scroll....


Here's the steps to fix:


1. Download attachments


2. Install Kext Helpber b7


3. Extract Kext file from the other attached file.


4. Use Kext Helper to install kext, enter your password, click easy install and Done!


All you need now is a reboot and you should have a working keyboard and touchpad and you can give your roomate back their usb keyboard and mouse you hijacked from them!



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