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Gigabite Board Hackintosh Dilema!

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Im about to build a new hackintosh, so Im trying to get as many opinions on the configuration Im about to buy.

I already googled the net for several sleepless nights. ;-) Soooo...


I want the hackintosh for a DAW (Digital audio workstation) tu use with my ALESIS firewire multimix. So the main thing for me is to have a board with fully functional firewire.








I picked this one based on the EFIX supported boards, however Im nt going to use efix, and I want to keep the Hackintosh as much low budged as I can, and I want it to be small, but powerfull. This is an ATX board but I guess I would rather go with mATX EG31MF which had pretty good reviews on x86 compatibility.








Another thing, can I use a 500GB SATAII drive along with a DVD optical SATA drive?


the mAtx supports 800MHz ram, the ATX 1066MHz, is that a huge difference for performance?


I guess the P45 chip is better than the G31 on mATX...


The graphic would be an ASUS 7300GT silent 256MB (that shouldnt be a problem right?)



I will be using USB both mouse and keyboard.


and an


INTEL Core 2 Duo E7400- 2,80GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3MB cache, socket 775, BOX (Penryn, Wolfdale)


Thanks a trillion times for help! :-)

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