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Basic Retail Install Questions


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First off, yes I've read loads of threads on this site but still have many questions.


So I'm not a complete noob to this place, I've alredy installed a kalyway install of osx and got that dual booting with xp, but now I'm ready to dive into this new world of retail installs and need a few basic questions answered which I feel are lacking in this forum.


So here's what I want to do:

Dual boot a retail copy of osx with xp and use chameleon 2 as my pretty bootloader.



So far I've managed to figure out the process goes something like this...


1 - Created a boot132 cd with necessay kexts

2 - Boot with that then swap for retail DVD and install osx

3 - Boot again with boot132 cd and start osx

4 - Somehow install chameleon 2 and my kexts

5 - Somehow install xp on separate partition without killing everything else



Ok so please correct me where I'm going wrong with that.


Now for the questions,



At step 1, how do I know what my necessary kexts are? And where do efi strings come into it, I use that for my gfx.


How does step 4 work? Do I use the offical installer? Where do I put kexts and efi strings? And I've read somewhere I should make a separate partition for chameleon, is this true?


So then how do I install xp without killing everything else and pulling my hair out?


Thanks for any help!

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