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Common Hackintosh Reference Platforms - CHRP

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Hi All,


I'm a newbie (but an old guy) here. I'm poking around all corners of the forums, trying to understand what hardware to buy to make the computer I want. I see lots of "What should I build?" and "Will this work?" questions. I've looked at the hardware database, and it seems good for making things work, but not so much for guidance as to where to start.

So here is an idea. I don't know how this all works, but maybe the forum could add a CHRP table (see Topic Title) that would tell a newbie a proven hardware combos for the perfromance levels he or she is targeting. Usually, a newb says "Hey, I want to build a cheaper Mac Mini, or a low buck MacPro, or the missing MidTower, or whatever, on the cheap.....oh, and I need to run Office, Maya, FCS, and proE (i.e., non-Mac) on the machine....so where do I start?" The CHRP table would be the place to go.


Here's how it might look .....The left hand column is the target machine description. Next column is the equivalent Mac "target" model. Next is a series of columns of proven hardware combo - *one HW combo per target*, reached by some guru concensus, next a column with links to the hacks needed to make it work, and then some column on proven - or not - successul software compatibility, perfromance benchmarks, etc. You cna use you imagination to figure how it ought to look.


Possible Example...


Target Model | Mac Equiv | Typical PRice | MoBo | CPU | Video | (etc.) | xbench geekebench MS Office FCStudio

Low buck | Mac Mini | $400 | .... | .... | ..... | .... | .... | ..... | ..... ....

Mid Tower | No Equiv | $700 | ..... | ..... | ..... |





I know there will be a lot of debate about what does and doesn't belong on the list, but we might be able to create something useful, esp as a guide to newbs.


I also realize that a lot of Hackintosh regulars love the thrill of making the odd combos work - that is cool, but many come to these pages because they are looking for guidance and a starting place, and really don't know enough to take the right first steps (like me). I have an old G5 by my desk right now, and would love more power, but simply can't afford a new - or even used - Mac Pro. A good CHaRP might be the thing for me....





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