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USB Boot-132 Vanilla 9.7.0 on UD5 - Please Help !


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I've gone around several attempts at this with no luck, so I'm obviously going wrong somewhere. I've decided to start from scratch and therefore would appreciate any pointers. I'm trying to simplify the whole approach.


Install is on a Gigabyte UD5 (core i7) with 12GB RAM and an NVidia 9400GT - I chose these parts especially for compatability.


1) Build a Boot-132 USB stick, following the instructions here - I plan to use the latest 9.7.0 kernel as posted here


2) Install from Leo retail.


3) Transfer to EFI boot using Chameleon 2.


I think this should be pretty straightforward considering the hardware. The main questions I have are:


a) Which additional kexts (minimal) do I need for the Boot-132 ? The threads suggest disabler and appledecrypt, but is there anything else I absolutely need ?


:) Is this likely to support a non-AHCI setup (as AHCI adds 10 seconds or so at boot) or am I stuck with that ?


c) Is my NVidia 9400GT supported as is ? If not, am I correct in assuming that I can probably just add the EFI string into the boot plist using EFI Studio, and can this be done after the install or must it be on the Boot-132 USB as well ?


I do have a macbook (several macs actually) that I can connect to if necessary, or run support software on, but I really want to perform a complete retail install without any other distribution or pre-formatting from a mac.


Thanks for any assistance. I'll be sure to write up the detailed procedure, once I get it working.

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Progress so far:


I have created the bootable USB, which also has the Leopard retail image on it, and the system is now booting up to the first graphical Leopard page from the USB (The purple space one).


Unfortunately, I'm now faced with a spinning beachball, so I need to somehow figure what it doesn't like.


Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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