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Asrock 755i65G


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Just to let everyone know, im basically new to this kind of thing. Tried o do it once a couple of years ago but the PC was incomptable. Came across an unused PC recently and decided to give it another go!


Basically, I have installed OSX 10.4.5 fine, just parts of it arn't working.


1) Wireless conectivity isn't working at all

2) Graphics card is displaying at a low resoultioG


My specs are:


Asrock 755i65g motherboard

Asus Radeon 9200 graphics card (AGP)


250GB Samsung Spinpoint SATA Hard drive

Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core Processor (3GHz)

Linksys WMP54G Wireless PCI Adapter


I have looked through previous posts and topics, especially about the Wireless adapter. I have tried most of the methods, but I could just be doing it wrong?


Anyhelp getting this system working is greatly appreciated :rolleyes:



Thanks in advance

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you've prolly already ran across it as it should have been the first thing you tried, cause this worked for my buddys desktop, he had a completely different desktop but the same card.





also it may be due to the fact your linksys is not the broadcom chipset. if so, by now theres prolly a workaround. read that link above it has all the info, how to do it, how to try, and later down the page about if your cards not a broadcom chipset, etc. to assist you in your further searches.

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