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DP35DP & 9500GT Help please

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Hey gang.


I have the intel dp35dp and an nvidia 9500gt 512 vid.


I installed iDeneb 10.5.5. and get the Darwin/plist boot error, meaning it always boots off the dvd and I cannot even boot to safemode.


I searched all the threads pertaining to the DP35 and the 9500gt, but havent found anything to cure me of this issue.


Im running an E-8400, with 4 or 8 gigs of ddr2, which ever will run better. and Ill be using a firewire audio card and onboard lan, I do know about the lan and audio kexts I can download, those I have already. :)


But this plist error is driving me nutty...could anybody with this board tell me a few things:


1. Which physical sata port should my osx drive be on?


Do they need to be IDE or AHCI(?)


What options should I click? Do I need the cpu=1, or any smbios with this mobo?


And I do try the -v at boot, but I dont see any errors, and at some point, it starts booting from the dvd again.


Any help would be greatley appreciated. :)

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