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Retail install without DVD and multiboot


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First of all, I've read many installation guides and tips. But I couldn't find anything that gather everything I want on my system.



My goal is:

1. Dual boot between Vista x64 (installed on SATA drive) and Leopard 10.5.6 Retail (installed on ATA drive).


2. Install Leopard from a partition



My Hardware

• Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor

• Mobo Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L

• 4gb DDR2 800MHz

• 500gb SATA HDD.

• 160gb ATA 100 HDD.

• Using onboard video and sound

• Chameleon 2 bootloader



Now, my SATA drive has 3 partitions and unallocated space, on this order:


1. Vista x64

2. Downloads and other files

3. Unallocated space

4. Mac OSX (iPC 10.5.6 PPF5)



My ATA drive has 2 partitions and unallocated space on this order:


1. Leopard (I want the retail there)

2. Unallocated space

3. Installation partition (want to install from it).



What I tried:

• Used an 8gb pendrive to install, but Mac and Windows couldn't mount on it, cause there's no space enough, but comparing proprieties, there is more than enough. I tried to convert to ISO and the file became bigger. So, I RARed the DMG image and used the same pendrive to transfer the file to Mac.


- Used a tutorial to prepare and mount the Retail installation image on a 10gb partition.


- With this step concluded successfully , I tried to boot from it to start install. After white screen with the apple logo, it says I have to restart my computer.


- I tried, then, using another tutorial, to install using the partition, but directly from Mac. Thou, I installed to the new partition (erasing it) and tried to boot: same restart computer problem.


- I tried, then, to put some kexts needed on extensions folder. It stops on that white screen with apple logo and spinning whell. Forever.


• Then, I thought it should be a problem with the image itself. Thou, I mounted the iPC installation on the installation partition, and booted it. Worked perfectly!!!


So, can anyone help me thru the retail installation??? I know there's a lot of tutorials and successful install infos, but I'd appreciate if you say anything then google it or search! :whistle:


Thanks you very much!


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