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Via VT1708B


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I've searched the forum (and google as well) but all I get is people with problems.


Is this being worked on this (or any other) project?


Thanks a bunch.


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i tried this one but i only have 1 output???????you have the same???


I run VoodooHDA on my P5Q Pro Turbo (Uses VT1708S on-board audio), I believe its version 0.2.1 (or whatever is currently available, installed few weeks back).


I have not tested my 5.1 setup, on my old config (P5N-D SLi w/ ALC883 audio) I could adjust the volume fine from my keyboard. 5.1 worked, using Aggregate(sp?) Device (5.1 worked when its supposed to, iTunes/Quicktime would not "emulate" it, but testing and all channels did work.


On my current setup, VoodooHDA, on my Output tab shows the following entries:

Analog PCM #0: Master

... : PCM

... : Recording level

... : Output gain

Digital PCM #1

Digital PCM #2


On my Input tab (appears a bit more interesting)

Analog PCM #0: Line-in

... : Microphone

... : CD

... : Microphone #2


I'm guessing VoodooHDA functions differently vs using AppleHDA (which the former is a replacement for the later). I've found another (albeit tempoary) fix for 5.1, just have one wire going to the unit. It shold be able to emulate, atleast, 5.1 sound. Not the best, but it works.


Not sure if it matters, but my install loads external kexts from the EFI partition w/ Chameleon 2.0rc1. I located all external kexts AND dependencies in the EFI/Extra/Ext folder and works flawlessly, so far. Not sure if thats how VoodooHDA works vs. patched AppleHDA, in the old setup I could aggregate the device by selecting Line1,2,3 and that would config true 5.1. The Analog PCM #0's appear to refer to the same output, maybe I'll test if I hook it all up (according to the mobo) if VoodooHDA would pick up true 5.1 and configure it (or atleast ack the other channels).


Anyways, its late. Hopefully that'll help someone out.



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