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Cloning boot drive


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Now that I am successfully dual booting windows vista X64 on a 500GB sata hdd and MAC OS X 10.5.3 on a 20GB IDE. I am finding 20GB ide not enough and also very slow. So I though I'd replace it with another 500GB sata hdd. I though it would be easy, I loaded disk utilities and restored Mac to the sata hdd with the IDE being the source. I then shutdown, unplugged the IDE and booted into Vista's boot loader. Seleccted MAC OS X and...

... 'Chain boot error'. So I shutdown again and plugged the IDE back in, booted into Mac and tried to repair the sata. No luck. Still being a Mac noob I have ran out of ideas :).


My Specs:

500GB sata hdd with vista ultimate X64 (boot hdd and uses vista boot loader)(chain0 ethod used)

20GB IDE HDD with Leopard 10.5.3

Another 500GB sata hdd (trying to replace 20GB IDE)

GA-EP35-DS3l motherboard

Corsair XMS2 4GB RAM 1066mhz

Intel P4 630 CPU (3Ghz, SSE2 + SSE3 compatable)

Pioneer SATA DVD drive


I hope that you lot can help me as you haven't let me down yet ;)


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I am now going to try a program called carbon copy cloner to see if that works. So fingers crossed.


I don't know if I have to do anything with the chain0 file to tell it where to boot? I thought it automatically found it itself, but I've been wrong before :S.

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You need to redo the Chameleon but change the target to the new drive, this will put the boot files in the right place!

That's what Chameleon does!





I believe that I am actually using darwin bootloader. But how do I redo darwin?



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