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Dell Latitude E6500 Installation


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Hi everybody, i need to install iDeneb 1.4 (Leopard 10.5.6) on a Latitude E6500.


You can find the report of everest attached. I installed with ICHx Fix, Power Management, Sound IDT, No Video card


Well, installation was ok and it also started.

Now the bad part: the resolution was really bad, as you can see the notebook has no video accelerator and it mounts GM45 Chipset, on iDeneb forum they told me that there's not support for this hardware at the moment.


Do you have any advice? any chance to make it working?


I can also try to install on a Latitude E6400, attached theres the report about configuration. Any Advice? how to set up on this model?



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I have been thinking of getting an e6500 and from everything I have read, the intel video is not supported.


I have a Dell E6500 running IPC with the voodoo kernel here is what is working.


Both Processors


External ESATA drive works if it is plugged in before boot.

Video works with Quartz Extreme and dual monitor support using NVdarwin

Full webcam support

Audio works with mic and headphone jack (this didn't work on my Dell D820)

Integrated nic works but can be flaky

Wireless works but had to buy a broadcom card off of ebay.

Touch pad works only after coming out of sleep.

Sleep works.

I also have e-port plus docking station, which also works.


What doesn't work.

Wireless 5100 card doesn't work

Bluetooth doesn't work.

The laptop doesn't shutdown fully, have to turn off by holding the power button down.


I haven't tried hdmi port yet.


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