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osx86, blue screen


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Hi there. Im currently installing OSx86, and its not working very well (obviously why im posting)


Reason for doing this; want to try out MacOS before purchasing a mac.


Here are my current computer spec's


Motherboard: M2NBP VM CSM

Memory: 4gb DDR2 800 FSB

CPU: 4200 AMD Dual core (X64)

Video card: ATI Radeon XT2600HD PCI-E

Hard drive: IDE 7200RPM 80GB.



Ive been through the installation about 9 times already over the course of 4 days, i cant seem to get it running. I got to the point today, where a blue screen came up with a cursor, which i could move, but nothing else came up.

Im currently using iPC 10.5.6

Im using the Nvidia chipset drivers (both sets)

Im using the ATI video card package

as well as something called Seatbelt (this is the difference between it booting into blue screen, and not booting at all... Wierd?)


Just a forwarning, im not mac litterate, im a PC guy looking for a change. Any advice?


Thanks in advance guys! I'll be re-freshing this page every minute!

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I have success!! I am currently able to boot into Safe mode (-x) Unfortunatly im not able to load into normal OSX86. Im guessing having no drivers for my video card, will make it not load.


My video card is an Internal PCI express HD 2600XT. Anyone know where to get this Kext(DRIVER) that works? Thanks@!

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Alright, I have somewhat of an issue. I went to download the Kext install package for my video card (9588 Device ID), and when i restart, i have a blue screen... Not sure what to do anymore. Its a special edition 512MB Gddr3 video card... am i going to HAVE to use the onboard?

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